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Hi, I'm Amrita Holden. Welcome to my profile!

Amrita Holden's Bio:

Amrita Holden is an entrepreneur with several business interests.

Amrita Holden is, Managing Partner of  Greencrest Energy Solutions, and has been involved in the Energy Solutions Arena for over five years. Greencrest Energy Solutions is a minority female owned firm, focusing on Energy Efficiencies designed to reduce your carbon footprint, one solution at a time. We believe in creating environmental change by implementing creative solutions. Our competitors become our partners and clients!

Amrita is also the CFO of I.M.G. Extreme Solutions. IMG EXTREME SOLUTIONS™ was founded by Jason Buck, Gen. Bruce Frandsen and Amrita Holden. We formed IMG EXTREME SOLUTIONS™ with a focus upon bringing extreme solutions to the International, Industrial, Military, and Government spaces, thus the acronym IMG.

We believe strongly in our company being owned and our solutions proudly made in the U.S.A. We are also strongly committed to supporting our military service men and women in any way possible. All hiring within IMG EXTREME SOLUTIONS™ is done with a primary focus upon hiring ex-U.S. Military personnel. We also set aside a percentage of our profits to be donated to U.S. Military Charities.

Our company is committed to thinking outside the box. Our quest to find new and exciting technologies is never ending.

Amrita is CEO and founder of Build My Brand in USA. The focus of this business is to provide  companies within the US and globally  with  help with navigating the waters and direction required to build and expand brands.  We partner in your success as skilled consultants with support tools to put experience and knowledge on your side.

In addition Amrita is an author, a blogger and also owns Greencrest Travels.




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Amrita Holden's Interests & Activities:

Sustainability, green market consulting, going green without spending green. Sustainability coaching. Teaching other to develop a green business. Green blogger. Author of green e books

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